Affordable Tweaks to Make

Your Kitchen Feel Remodeled

A change of scenery can be great, even if it’s in your own home. Looking at the same kitchen scenery can be tiring and if your kitchen is making you feel run down, it may be time for a change. There are many different minor changes you can make to help your kitchen feel remodeled and look new.

Your Kitchen Feel Remodeled

A simple way to bring a remodeled feel to your kitchen is with new lighting. Having a dark kitchen can make you feel like your cooking and dining in a cave. Brighter light fixtures can light up your kitchen making it feel newer and more inviting! A brighter, more cheerful kitchen is easier to work in and there are many different fixtures to choose from. Instead of small ceiling-mounted light fixtures opt for larger and brighter fixtures to give off more ambient lighting. Another option is to install under cabinet lighting. These lights can give more counter lighting making your space easier to work in and a nice touch to your kitchen area.

Give it a Trim

Your kitchen can look completely different with a fresh coat of paint but can look elegant and new with trim! Trim work such as baseboards, crown moulding, and window and door casings can give your kitchen a prettier and “expensive” look without the price. Trim can add clear cut lines to your kitchen giving it a crisp, clean look you’re sure to enjoy!

Replace a Major Appliance

Splurge a little and upgrade one of your appliances. Getting a newer appliance can give the feel of remodeling and give a newer look to your kitchen. Stainless steel is a great option for upgrading kitchen appliances and provides a reflective surface bringing light to your home and a modern look to your kitchen.

Update Cabinets

You can give your cabinets some simple upgrades without replacing them as a whole, giving your kitchen a newer and upgraded look. Installing glass in some of your cabinets can give a look of elegance and show off your finer dinnerware. If you’d like to keep your cabinets private you can opt for frosted glass for the same elegant look. You can also look to hardware to give a remodeled look. It’s amazing what new drawer handles can do for your kitchen and with the many design and color options out there the possibilities are endless!

Bring in the Backsplash

Backsplashes come in many different designs and colors. You can use many different materials like tile, glass, and stone. These backsplashes can be installed behind stoves for an added splash of color and design or can run along the wall between your cabinets and counters. Backsplashes can give different looks of elegance or a rustic look depending on the material used and can help with bringing your decor together.

All in the Staging

Find centerpieces for your dinette set or even an area rug you like and stage like a pro. If you have designer plates or decorative storage containers, stage them in a way that makes your kitchen look straight out of a magazine. Fresh flowers can bring out the brightness of your kitchen and minor tweaks like this can bring life to your kitchen without you having to lift a hammer!

Plan Wisely

No matter what you choose to take on, be sure to always plan wisely! You may want to start with something that seems simple like replacing your wall outlets to more modern outlets or just replacing your flooring. These small changes can result in a domino-like effect of bad news. Sure the outlet installation could go smoothly, but always be prepared because you may have to replace some wiring along the way. With your floors you have to keep in mind once you take your old flooring up you’ll get a good look at your sub-flooring that may need repaired before moving forward. It may be a blessing in disguise so you can take care of any issues quickly before they get worse but you should always be prepared either way!