Kitchen Remodeling

Mistakes to Avoid

When you begin planning your kitchen remodel it can be an overwhelming process. Kitchen remodels take a lot of time, effort, and patience. It’s important to try and avoid making any mistakes in order to save on both time and money!

Don’t Waste Space

Even in bigger kitchens you don’t want to generate dead space within the room. Make sure everything has its place and utilize space to get its full potential. Breakfast nooks are great for guaranteeing space is utilized to the fullest. Ideas such as installing hangers in your cabinets to hang coffee cups is great so that the bottom of your cabinets can be used for holding spices or other dishes. If there is space it can be used! Think of the big picture to create a homey environment for your kitchen.

Keep Isles Wide

Keep your isles wide to prevent bumping into each other in the kitchen. The kitchen is the hub of the home and around the holidays can become a very cramped environment. Wider isles give more space to maneuver and navigate around. Consider offsetting your stoves and sinks to ensure you have maximum room when moving around your kitchen.

Have a 3-D Plan

Think in 3-D! Nothing is worse than buying appliances or cabinets that stick out further than the others. When remodeling your kitchen if you plan on buying new cabinets or appliances imagine how the doors will open. Compare these to other cabinets and appliances to ensure they don’t run into each other and overlap.

Too Much Of An Island

Islands can be a great addition to your kitchen space! Don’t make the mistake of over doing it. Islands are great as long as they’re kept simple by keeping them clear with simple decor. Keep your island less than 10 feet long, anything over this and the island becomes more of a hassle trying to maneuver around the island. Try to keep the storage to a minimum so that everything can remain clean and organized and not hard to get around.

Keep Small Spaces Simple

Small kitchens often have peninsulas instead of islands. Remember to keep things simple and not to over clutter. It’s easy to overwhelm a small space. Keep in mind the storage options you have to keep everything nice and neat.

Stick to Your Remodel

A remodel can be overwhelming on its own but planning is key. Have an idea of what you want and make sure it works so that you don’t have to change plans in the middle of your remodel. Make every choice carefully and be sure it is what you want that way costs won’t soar in the middle of your remodel and you can keep going to get your project done on time.

Think of Friends

When remodeling your kitchen area keep in mind what it will be used for. Of course, cooking is a go to, but think about family and friends that will visit and congregate in your kitchen area. Holidays can be a hectic time and not having enough space in your kitchen can cause added stress. Keep gatherings in mind so you can maximize your space for all your entertainment needs.

Don’t Be Impulsive

Things can look a lot different on the showroom floor rather than in your home. Think carefully about what look you want to achieve and the functionality of your kitchen. Impulse buys whether it be curtains, kitchen tables, or appliances can come back and not just slow the process but cost more money. Flooring, countertops, and paint all offer samples that can be brought home so you can see the bigger picture. Take the time to see what options are out there that way you can make the best choice to make your kitchen remodel run smoothly.