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We remodel yesterday’s outdated houses into present-day masterpieces!

Our home remodeling process is custom-tailored to fit your specific needs. From a kitchen remodel to a deck remodel, we will work with you from the design phase to the completion of your project.

General Home Remodeling

A general home remodel typically includes every aspect of your home. Our team of professional remodeling contractors will work with you every step of the way to ensure your ideas become a reality.

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is much more than a place to prepare food. It has become a place where life happens, where family and friends gather to enjoy one another. We combine our experience with your creative ideas to create a kitchen that befits you and your lifestyle.

Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom remodel can increase your home’s value more than almost any other remodel project. Our skilled team of experts is here to help you choose the best layout and the highest-quality materials to create a bathroom that fits your needs, lasts for years, and stuns every guest you bring into your home.

Basement Remodeling

Basement Remodeling

Basements are fast becoming more than a storage space. They have become the next big entertainment space for many homes across the nation. Let us help you turn a dreary, damp basement into a stunning place of rest and relaxation to enjoy.

Deck Remodeling

Deck Remodeling

If your deck is beginning to look dingy or is starting to deteriorate and fall apart, let us help! We can remodel your deck to create a safer, more enjoyable outdoor area to enjoy that will last for years to come!

New Deck Construction

Adding a deck to your home will provide you with a space to spend time with family and friends, host the occasional barbecue, or simply sit and enjoy the outside. Aside from the amazing functionality of a deck, it will increase the value of your home and instantly increase curb appeal. We’ll work with you to provide a strong, beautiful deck that will last for years.

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Pergola Design,
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Design and Construction

Making Dreams a Reality

Let us help you transform your outdoor living area into a living dream by building a custom pergola. Our team of specialists is waiting to make your dream a reality by working with you to design a custom pergola in order to bring a new life to your landscape.

Find out more about custom-built pergolas.

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License Number: 2101216632


Bathroom Remodeling

Planning and Construction

Quality Work From Experts You Can Trust

When you choose to remodel a bathroom, it’s imperative that you select your materials carefully and manage your budget closely. You’ll want materials that are built to last for years and look good doing it. We will always work with you to help plan your layout and choose the most cost-efficient materials to create a space you’ll enjoy for the foreseeable future.
If you are in Kansas City, and you are in need of bathroom remodeling services, please get in touch with our friends – Kansas City Bathroom Remodeling.

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Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations

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Kitchen Remodeling Layouts

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home when it comes to functionality and appearance. The kitchen has become a gathering place for many families and, as a result, can set the tone for your entire house. This is why the kitchen’s design so important in a home remodeling project. You’ll want to consider color schemes and keep details like the sink, appliances, and countertops in mind. However, the most important aspect of this project is choosing a layout. We’ve listed six popular layout designs to help you choose the best option to suit your needs.

  • Horseshoe Kitchen
  • L-shaped Kitchen
  • Peninsula Kitchen
  • Island Kitchen
  • Galley Kitchen
  • Two Island Kitchen

Bathroom Remodeling Layouts

Remodeling a bathroom is an exceptionally smart decision for any home improvement project. These small spaces have a large impact on your home. This type of project will greatly increase the value of your home. Not to mention it has one of the highest return-on-investment percentages of any remodeling job. When you are planning the layout of your new bathroom, keep the following factors in mind.

  • Functional areas
  • Shower and bathtub combos vs. stand-up showers and separate bathtubs
  • Plumbing locations
  • Keep storage space in mind
  • Examine space beyond the bathroom

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    Can I live in my home during the renovation?2020-11-22T21:37:06+00:00

    That really all depends on the extent of your project, and to be honest, your patience when it comes to inconveniences. If you live on-site during a full-scale remodel, you will be most certainly be inconvenienced. We ordinarily suggest that people make alternative living arrangements during the main construction because you will deal with dust, debris, workers going in and out, and excessively loud noises. You may also be without some amenities, such as bathroom facilities, during certain parts of the remodeling project. This can be considerably annoying for most people.
    This might be the time to test your home for Radon. If you are in Colorado Springs, we recommend our friends at Radon Testing Colorado Springs.

    Who will take care of securing permits?2020-02-13T23:27:56+00:00

    We will help you with this process. It is your responsibility to pay for the permits and all relevant fees in the end, but we are more than happy to help by arranging the paperwork needed on our end and guide you through the remainder of the process. Building permits necessitate an architect’s drawings, distinct plans, and other documentation. All of these articles must be submitted by an expediter. We can hire these professionals on your behalf and supervise the process. You always have the option to do this on your own if you prefer.

    Is it a good idea to install wood flooring in the kitchen?2020-02-26T23:56:51+00:00

    Wood flooring is not customarily advised for kitchens. With that in mind, however, it’s still a rather popular option. If you simply love the look of wood floors, feel free to use them in your kitchen, especially if you are transitioning the kitchen into an adjoining room with wood flooring. Frequently, designers select other materials over wood because of the potential susceptibility to water damage. As the kitchen is a high traffic area, the finish will wear off of wood flooring faster than in other low-traffic sections of your home. This means that it will need to be refinished occasionally. A tile floor is traditionally a better choice as it’s more resistant to leaks and humidity.

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