Have a few questions for Grand Rapids Remodeling before you make the call? Well, down below, you will find a few common questions we get from customers – and our answers!

Are you licensed and insured?
Yes, we are licensed and fully insured to give our clients the peace of mind that they deserve. When you choose to work with us, you can rest assured that your home and property are in good hands. If anything were to go wrong our insurance will make sure that everything is taken care of. The license number for our company is 2101216632.
What size remodeling projects do you do?
Our services include everything from remodeling your entire house to painting a single room in your home. Our trusted team of experts can handle any size project that you need. Some projects may require subcontracting a specialist for specific work; however, we will take care of that on our end to ensure you receive the best results for the most affordable pricing. No matter if you want to change up every room and add some too or if you simply want some trim work done, we’ve got you covered!
What is your remodeling process?
There are a few steps in our home remodeling process. The first step in your home remodel is the design phase. You will work with one of our trusted representatives to design and draw up plans for your new space. Once you’re satisfied with the plan that we’ve laid out we can start the preparation phase of the remodel. This is when we will work with you to select all the materials for your project and schedule the construction date. All the necessary permits will be obtained during this step as well. Next up is the actual construction of your new home remodel. During this step, we will start tearing out and rebuilding the space that you’ve selected to remodel. When this step is finished, your remodel will be mostly completed. The last step of our process is the finishing phase. This is when we will touch up anything that’s left in your project. We will also do a final walkthrough during this step and finalize the project.
When is the best time to do my home remodel?
We can remodel your home at any time of the year with most projects. During the cold-weather months, we mostly work on interior projects that are not significantly impacted by weather conditions. If your project involves an addition that involves pouring a foundation or footers, it’s best to do these projects when the ground isn’t frozen. Roof projects are best done during the summer and fall when there is less rain or snow to worry about. If you’re planning a kitchen remodel that will leave you without a place to cook, it’s also best to do this during the spring, summer, or fall so that you can cook meals on an outdoor grill.
How many years of experience do you have?
Our company has been remodeling homes in and around Grand Rapids for 10 years now. However, our team of expert home remodeling contractors has a combined experience of over 20 years! When you choose Grand Rapids Remodel, you can rest assured that you’re getting a crew of skilled professionals that know the business inside and out.
Can I request or change things during the remodeling process?
Our company’s remodeling process allows you and our design team to explore all the design options for your remodel and work out all the details prior to the start of construction. However, if something is not to your liking or you simply change your mind, you can let us know. We will work with you to ensure that all the necessary changes are made and accounted for. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us and if you’re not satisfied, we encourage you to let us know so that we can help. It’s your home and we want you to love it for as long as you live in it.
How much will my home remodel cost?
Calculating the cost of a home remodel covers a broad range of factors. The price of a remodel depends on how many rooms you plan to remodel, the materials you choose, and the complexity of your design plans. The price will also fluctuate if there will be any additions to the house. For an average 2,500 square foot home, a whole home remodel will cost anywhere between $15,000 to $200,000. That seems like a wide price range, so to break it down the low end is $15,000 to $45,000 which includes inexpensive updates such as trim, landscaping, paint, counters, and affordable flooring options. The more high-end materials will run your costs closer to the $200,000 price range.
How long will my remodel take?
The vast majority of home remodels will take somewhere between four to eight months to complete. This is dependant on the scope of your project, the complexity of the design, and the materials you choose. If you’re remodeling your entire home, it will most likely take between six and eight months to finish. When you’re only updating a kitchen or bathroom with some minor aesthetic changes, then your project could be completed in a matter of weeks or months!
What does a full bathroom remodel entail?
A full bathroom remodeling project usually starts with updating your tub, shower, and toilet. It will then move on to replacing the vanities, light fixtures, and flooring to unify all of the elements of the bathroom. A complete bathroom remodel can be a way to update an outdated design or simply add safety and comfort to your home. No matter your goals for the remodeling project, we can complete your project in a timely manner!
Will a remodel project increase my home’s value?
Yes, remodeling any aspect of your house will increase its value to some degree. The projects that have the largest return on investment are typically the kitchen and bathroom. However, if you plan to remodel your entire house, including elements like the windows and garage door, you can expect a return on investment of up to 75%! Home renovations can seem rather expensive and overwhelming at first, but they are a worthwhile investment that will benefit you in the long run.