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A functional home leads to a happier home, and when that element is missing from a room or floorplan, it can be frustrating to live in. The busier our lives get, the more significant flaws in our home become. Our remodeling services help homeowners achieve function and eye appeal allowing them to love their homes again.

House remodeling can be a complex endeavor which is where we excel. We can change, rework, remedy, or repair just about any space in your home. Some of our most popular projects include bedroom remodels, laundry rooms, fireplace remodeling, and more. We can also tackle outdoor spaces. We have more details below about our services and how you can benefit from a home remodel.



Building Better

Home Remodeling Benefits


How remodeling your home can add value to your lifestyle

We believe there are three main reasons to invest in remodeling your Kalamazoo home. You will need to hire a high-quality remodeling contractor who can deliver on these benefits, like us, and produce something beautiful.

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Add Property Value


While you might be looking to stay in your home for decades to come, you never know what the future brings. Home remodeling projects done over time, are an excellent way to add value to your home. You will run the risk of pricing yourself out of the neighborhood if you wait until you’re going to sell, not to mention, you won’t get to enjoy the upgrades.

For example, a bathroom remodel can add at least $3500 in value to the price of your home, and attic remodels have an average 80% 90% rate of return for homeowners at the selling table. Each project is going to give a buyer more reason to choose your home over the next.

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Create Comfort and Function


One of the more significant reasons people renovate or remodel a home is to add comfort and function. It doesn’t take watching too many HGTV programs to learn about how much better your kitchen can be, or why you should consider finally doing that addition. We want our homes to be our sanctuaries and with a home remodeling project, the can be just that.

You can create a new living room to be the heart of your home, or finally, get some peace by creating more space in your master bedroom. Even the smaller projects, like new lighting, new windows, repaired siding, etc. can really make an impact on your daily life.

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Save in Energy & Maintenance


Sometimes remodeling projects are less about aesthetics and more about repair and replacement. These types of home remodeling jobs will get a home up to speed on being more energy-efficient saving you money every year on your utilities. Even better, when you have replaced or repaired components, you tend to have less maintenance to deal with. 

These types of remodeling projects fall more into the category of prevention. Think about how a bad gutter system can impact your foundation or a piece of lifted siding can result in mold in your home. The repairs on those issues can be far more expensive the remodeling repairs.


Remodeling Projects

Remodeling Projects for Your Home


What kind of project are you looking to do?

We have an exceptional team of remodeling contractors to work on various projects for your home. Below you’ll find some additional details about projects we often work on.

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Garage Remodels & Basements

A garage or basement remodel will update your home’s functional spaces and help you stay organized. With garage remodels, homeowners typically want to refinish their floors, add cabinetry, create laundry spaces, and install tool centers. An updated garage can add thousands to the value of your home and it will inspire you to keep the space organized.
With basement remodels, homeowners choose to refinish them in various ways depending on their lifestyles. Sometimes hanging drywall and adding carpet is just the basic remodel they need to make the space work for their families. On the flip side, some choose to have us add bars, bedrooms, bathrooms, and game spaces. These types of projects add significant value to your home and truly open your home up to a lot of entertaining.
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Bedroom Remodels

There is nothing better than to retreat to a well-appointed master bedroom in the evening. We take on all kinds of remodeling projects for bedrooms that including extending ceilings, adding shiplap, creating additions with double doors to the backyard, and more. We suggest doing these types of remodels sooner rather than later so you have time to enjoy them, especially if you plan on selling in the future.
We can also add bedrooms which go a long way in offering your home more space. According to Open Door, adding a bedroom gives homeowners the highest rate of return then on most (if any) remodeling project. For example, adding a third bedroom can increase your home value by over 6%.


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As trained professionals, we can tackle just about anything you want to throw at us. From basic projects to the extravagant, we have likely taken on anything you’re looking to do. We also work with various partners for projects we need extra support with. We have spent valuable time building relationships with other construction professionals so we get the desired result.

When you work with a licensed home remodeling company you get more than a great finished project. You will receive customer service, knowledge, and a good track record among the community. Our contractors take their work seriously as the safety and integrity of our work is at the forefront of how

we do business. We invite you to look around our site to learn more about us and our process.