5 Quick Ways to

Bring Comfort to Your Kitchen

When it comes to your kitchen space, sometimes a small kitchen space can seem cramped. The kitchen is considered a central hub of the home, where we all come together! Just because a kitchen is small doesn’t mean it can’t be cozy. Below are a few ways you can bring comfort to your kitchen.

Two-Toned Walls

The illusion of a bigger kitchen can be done by simply doing a paint job! Two-tone walls are a perfect way to add some dimension to your kitchen, making it appear larger as well as creating instant contrast. If you want the feel of a more expansive space, you can also paint the ceiling! Matching the ceiling and painting it along with about a foot of the top of your room can create the illusion of a larger space! Don’t shy away from vivid colors as some of the best contrast is created by painting bright, daring colors along with a neutral shade or just white.

Choose Reflective Surfaces

There are many ways to add reflective surfaces in your kitchen, widely popular is having stainless steel appliances. Also, you may want to consider a high gloss paint or even bringing mirrors into your kitchen. These reflective surfaces give the illusion of a bigger space by reflecting everything off of them, giving you the feeling that the kitchen is more open than it may seem. Even a simple opt for a shinier floor or glossy cabinets can do the trick!

Open Storage

When choosing storage options, it is best to stick with open concepts. This can be achieved by either having glass door cabinets or even ditching cabinets altogether and using shelving as your storage. This works because, with traditional cabinets, the eye stops at the solid surface, but with open shelves or glass door cabinets, the eye can keep seeing giving the illusion that your space is bigger. Now with that said, be sure you have organized cabinets! If your cabinets and shelves are overflowing, it will actually make your space seem smaller! It is best to stay organized and keep things minimal to optimize not just the look of your space but your actual space as well.

Say Goodbye to Clutter!

Speaking of keeping things minimal, this is the best way to not only maximize your kitchen space but make it look bigger as well is to cut back on clutter. Opt for things like garbage disposals in your sink instead of a food waste bin under the cabinet or consider only accenting in a few personal items instead of covering the kitchen in them. Everyone loves to personalize their space, just as you should, but if you’re a fan of roosters, there is a space different in having a few and an entire collection in your kitchen! Choose to only accent with your decor and throw in just a few fun pieces instead of going wall to wall. Be sure that you keep countertops clutter-free and every item in your kitchen has a place. If it seems like things are getting too cramped, it may be time to go through your kitchen and be honest with yourself on what you need and what you don’t.

Let’s Get to Work

There are many great ideas to bring the illusion of space to your kitchen, now it’s time to get started! Paint is the simplest and is pretty budget-friendly for bringing some immediate open space to your kitchen. Make sure you opt for reflective surfaces and keep your space minimal. When it’s time to get to work, don’t become overwhelmed by the process and be sure to have fun. You want your kitchen to look bigger and be cozy, but it shouldn’t be a daunting task. Remember, your kitchen is your own big or small!