01. Horseshoe Kitchen

A horseshoe kitchen is a layout that is made by lining up the cabinets, counters, and appliances along three adjoining walls. This forms a horseshoe or U shape. These kitchens are a practical design that lets homeowners have access to the whole kitchen without having to wald across the room when they need something!

Horseshoe kitchens are one of the most popular designs for homes with larger families. It also works well with kitchens that have a large opening, allowing more than one person to be in the kitchen at the same time. With three adjoining counters, this kitchen layout can also be separated into three different workstations to keep your cooking efficient.

02. Peninsula Kitchen

Peninsula kitchens are a variation of the horseshoe kitchen. They simply have a connected island, converting an L-shaped kitchen into a horseshoe, instead of a solid wall. In homes with open floor plans, the peninsula can serve as a room divider that separates the kitchen from a dining or living room area.

A peninsula kitchen is perfect for homes that want an island to work or eat on but don’t actually have the space to build one. There are limitations to this route in terms of its use and accessibility. Though, it can be an excellent compromise to enhance a smaller L-shaped kitchen!

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03. Galley Kitchen

A galley kitchen is a layout that is created by two parallel walls or work stations, forming a corridor in the center of the kitchen. Much like the compact galleys of ships, where it gets its namesake, this design can maximize the work area’s potential and the storage space of small kitchens.

Galley kitchens allow for the installation of cabinets to make the most out of the kitchen’s storage space while still being easy to separate into multiple work areas. Galley layouts are quick and easy to clean as well due to the fact that everything will be openly accessible! Galleys truly make the best use of every square inch of space.

04. L-shaped Kitchen

L-shaped kitchen layouts are one of the most common that you’ll see. These kitchens are made by having adjoining countertops on opposing, perpendicular walls. The counters making the L shape can be as long as you need, though keeping them less than 12 to 15 feet will allow you to efficiently use the space.

L-shaped kitchens are great for small or medium-sized kitchens as they provide plenty of room to move and work around the kitchen. These kitchens are easily one of the most efficient kitchen layouts available. Appliances can be installed with ease of access as a priority with an open space in the center of the kitchen.

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05. Island Kitchen

Island kitchens have become increasingly popular thanks to their ability to create new design options and enhance the layouts that we previously mentioned. An island can create depth and add workspace to an L-shaped kitchen and give galleys a stopping point in the middle for families to sit at, as long as both spaces are wide enough.

The island itself has an entire host of possibilities that it brings to any style kitchen. Islands can be used for additional storage and prep space, they can have sinks or cooktops, or simply be a place for the family to sit down, eat, and socialize. Island kitchens offer a myriad of different uses.

06. Two Island Kitchen

The two island kitchen layout is perfect for a kitchen with wide, open spaces because having one large island can become impractical. If you’re planning on designing a huge kitchen in your kitchen remodel or new home, this can be the ideal kitchen layout for you! It’s double the workspace and double the seating as a traditional island kitchen.

With two island kitchens, there are loads of options and design ideas to consider experimenting with. You could have one island meant for cooking and prep and the other for dining. You could also have one meant for the kids to get dirty and one that you keep looking nice. The combinations are endless, but certainly require some thought!

How to select the

Best Kitchen Countertop


Granite is one of the hardest countertop materials available! This tough, non-porous surface also resists the growth of bacteria!


Quartz is an engineered stone that is also non-porous and remarkably tough. It resists staining, bacteria, and scratching!

Solid Surface

Solid surface is a non-porous low-maintenance material that can mimic the appearance of granite, marble, stone, and other natural materials.


A glass countertop is one solid piece of pure glass. They offer quick and easy maintenance and are highly customizable with different shapes, colors, and patterns!