Things to Consider

Before A Basement Remodel

Basements have been known for being used as dusty old storage areas, but in modern times it is the basement’s time to shine! Remodeling your basement is a great idea when you want to add more space to your home. There are so many different options to choose from when you consider a basement remodel. You can use the basement as a game room, workout room, office, or a combination of more than one! There are many factors to consider when looking into remodeling your basement. Let’s take a look at a few of the basics.

Moisture Isn’t Your Friend

Moisture is the #1 thing that halts the basement remodeling process. There are special paints and caulking products that can treat this moisture problem, but if moisture is pooling in your basement a remodel may not be able to happen.

Consider Its Use

Take the time to plan out how you want to use the space. It may not be best used if your plan involves a lot of sunshine. Modern uses have been “man caves” where you can set up darts and a pool table for entertainment. You could consider making it a playroom for your kids with a movie area for designated movie nights to give you an at home theater experience. Go to the basement and visualize how you’ll use the space so that you can see what the possibilities are so you can make it happen.

Walls Must Go Up

Other than wanting to utilize space a common reason for remodeling basements is to make it more aesthetically pleasing. In unfinished basements receptacles may have exposed wires or insulation may not be secured by drywall giving off a look of being undone. Walls don’t offer any structural help but they can help with temperature control and opting to use steel studs can improve your remodel since they’re resistant to moisture and electrical wires can run easily through them.

Code It

When remodeling your basement you have a lot of options as far as design and decor, but one thing you can’t avoid is code. You’re required to have so many outlets in your basement in order to be up to code.


Seems like a funny word but it is also known as the exit point besides the doorway so you are able to exit your home in case of an emergency such as a fire. This is also another requirement for code, especially if your remodel includes a basement bedroom. Some may try to avoid this code by listing the room as a “workspace” but remember this is for your safety and the safety of others! You can call your local building code to see what the requirements are. It may have to be a full doorway or a simple window, but always check so you can ensure everything is done properly and up to code.

Keep in Warmth

Keep in the warmth but also keep out the cold! Insulation not only will keep temperatures comfortable in your basement but it may add another level of moisture control as well. Insulation with a vapor barrier on both sides is ideal to keep moisture at bay as well. Another option is spray foam insulation which has become widely popular, but it is an insulation that will have to be checked for code requirements.

Let’s Get To It!

Finishing or remodeling a basement can be a fun opportunity to take an otherwise unsightly space and turn it into something amazing! The transformation alone is fun, but it’s always good to stay mindful of what changes you want to include. Keep the code requirements in mind and make the space your own!